Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Beyond the Grave Wolf4SDL TC RELEASED

After many years and many struggles, Beyond the Grave Version 1.00 is finally complete. Beyond the Grave is a Wolfenstein 3D/Doom based total conversion set in the late 19th century. You play as Sartana, a highly decorated ex-Union soldier and a feared Bounty Hunter, who was left for dead but returned as something otherworldly. Sartana will stop at nothing to get his revenge and discover his true purpose.

Some of the game's features include:

- High Res Graphics

- High Quality Sound & Music

- 20 highly detailed levels with map sizes ranging from 64x64 - 128x128

- 10 different weapons with primary and secondary attacks (that work like in Blood)

- Inventory Items

- A diverse range of enemies with improved AI

A ThunderEnema production.

Credits list in the menu. Just unzip and run the exe. Read the “Read This” section for game manual, which includes controls, story, etc. The game uses WASD and mouse but you can configure the controls to the keyboard only setup as well as manipulate the mouse speed and button layouts.

Download here:

(Will be on Moddb soon).


Friday, August 23, 2013

SS - Castle Lost

After blazing through Castle Fefehlbuchstabiersburg, killing Heinrich Himmler and his most trusted SS personnel, you receive word from the underground that there is yet another castle, the castle with no name. The SS dubs it as, "Castle Verloren", "Castle Lost". Himmler had a strange obsession with this mysterious castle, and was just returning from it the very day you killed him. The castle is very huge, but only 2 portions of the castle are being used for SS activities. To make sure the SS never rise again, you grasp your handgun, and sneak into a near window, a guard is standing just inches from you, what ever will you do?

SS - Castle Lost is a SOD demo map set. I made it just for fun. I hope you enjoy it!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Grabendolch Storyline

Allied intelligence has received distress calls from various resistance groups in Nazi-occupied territory of a new nazi war project, entitled, "Grabendolch". The base of this operation is held at Castle Eisenschwert, an ancient castle the Nazis have taken control of. It is said to be well guarded by the Wehrmacht and the dreaded SS. You are sent to investigate immediately.

Parachuted near the castle, losing most of your equipment in the process, you are now left with only a knife and your will to survive...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Steven Seagal Side-scroller?

I was thinking about making a side-scroller that involves Steven Seagal fighting demons, but the trouble is, I don't know what software to use. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

About Gerolf

My name is actually Tristan Hill, but I like to be called Stan. I am 6 foot 3, and love to lift weights and play/make video games. I have lived in the south part of the US my entire life (Georgia/Virginia/North Carolina, and now Alabama). I hope to some day become a professional kick boxer, bodybuilder, and game designer. Oh, and I love Heavy Metal music, the 80s stuff mostly like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden (and there's a lot more, but nearly all of them are not well known), I'd love to form/join a band and be the singer. I have many flaws in my personality that I try to hide here over the internet. I hope one day this will no longer be a problem, but in the meantime, just bear with me I guess. You can add me on Facebook if you'd like, but keep in mind that I have a weird sense of humor, like to post on Facebook a lot, etc. etc.

Here's a picture of me (that I look half way decent in anyways),
Someone once said, I looked kind of like Dolph Lundgren then. I don't know, what do you think?

Trivia: "Gerolf" is the Dutch version of the German word, "Gerulf", which means ger (Spear) and wulf (Wolf), SpearWolf... get it?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Grabendolch, what the hell is that?

You'll have to wait and see ;)
Here's something for those interested:


 1941: World War II rages across Europe, America has just entered the war..

    You are 1st Lieutenant William J. "B.J." Blazkowicz, the allies bad boy of espionage. Just a few weeks ago, you were on a reconnaissance mission of extreme importance. You have been captured and brought to Castle Fefehlbuchstabiersburg for interrogation by the dreaded SS. All you know about this castle is that it is owned by Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS. Your new mission: ESCAPE, and KILL Himmler if you get the chance.

    As a guard enters your cell to escort you to the interrogation chamber, you draw out your knife that was never recovered when you were scuffed, and silently end his life. Now you've got a gun and eight floors of hell to get through, good luck!

SS is my first released Wolfenstein 3d add-on. It contains 10 new levels, some new graphics, new sounds, title screen changes, and it also has a new EXE with seamless level progression, SOD Ammo box, and a TAB message alteration. The levels are done by me, and the coding is done by Andy Nonymous. SS took close to 3 years to complete, but it was all worth it. It took forever for many reasons: In 2010 it was real close to being finished but then my computer crashed and it was lost. In 2011, I went up and down, working on other things, and at one point giving up, then trying again, then taking a 2 month break, and it went on like that until the summer of 2012, so not much progress was done during the year of 2011. When Summer was nearing its end, I had decided to cut the crap, and just force myself to finish it. My current project is running rather smoothly now. I think I've either learned my mistakes with SS, or I just feel really involved again with Wolfenstein 3d. 

You can download SS here.